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    Awarded honor
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        Shandong province will implement six major upgrading projects, including brand foundation, brand image, brand communication, brand innovation, brand talents and brand internationalization, with a total of 20 key tasks, to vigorously promote the "craftsman spirit" of Shandong manufacturing in the new era, strengthen support for key enterprises, accelerate the promotion of brand core competitiveness, maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the brand, and promote the realization of high-quality development in the brand era.

         Qingdao Kehai Biochemistry Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company of Qingdao Langyatai Group Co., Ltd, is Qingdao high-tech enterprise. 

          Over the years, the Group has adhered to its mission “to dedicate itself to create the healthier and better life for the public and consumers” and advocated the product culture themed by “Green, Safety, Health and Sustainability”. The Group took the lead in seizing the significant opportunity of the Blue Ocean Economy Strategy developed by Qingdao West Coast New District. Having insisted on implementing marine strategy and taking the lead in blue leap-forward development as its dominant strategy for enterprise development and economic transition, and constantly increase the effort of research and development of marine microorganisms. In recent years, the company has successfully launched marine microalgae DHA, isomaltulose and other biological health industries. The Group has formed diversified industrial patterns focusing on microbial fermentation technology, which concentrates on the overall development of seven backbone industries, respectively white spirits industry, fruit cocktail industry, grape wine and beer industry, marine biological industry, health industry, organic feed and organic fertilizer industry, and real estate industry. 

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