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    CNFIA leaders the visiting group
    【Time:2018-11-16】  【Author:admin】   【Hits:

         On July 26, leaders of CNFIA (China national food industry association) visited and directed Langyatai Group, accompanied by Mr. Yueming Li, Chairman of Langyatai Group and Mr. Zexin Wang, vice-president of Langyatai Group.

        First, Leaders of CNFIA visited the Biotechnology Museum of Langyatai Group to learn the brewing process, history and related products of Langyatai, including the raw pulp, Xiao lang Gao and Tsing-Fong 2018 designed for using by the shanghai summit and tasting the Langyatai flavor white wines. They have a deeper understanding of Langyatai Group’s history, culture and development, and also had a good appraisal of Langyatai Liquor. 

        At the same time, leaders of CNFIA learned about the bio-health industry of Langyatai group and tasted snacks made with chlorella powder and isomaltulose as additives. Under the leadership of chairman Yueming Li, they visited the Marine Microalgae research institute of the Group. In addition to being a health product, chlorella plays a key role in sewage treatment and purification of work and life, greatly reducing environment pressure, and has highly salinity tolerance and is easy to be expanded. The chlorella can be used as opening bait for shrimp, shellfish and sea cucumber, which can greatly improve the immunity rate and survival rate. Langyatai Group fully utilizes the advantages of microbial fermentation technology and adheres to the enterprise mission of Create a health and beautiful life for the whole society and consumers vigorously develops marine microalgae DHA, chlorella, isomaltulose and other health industries, and forms a healthy pattern of diversified development.

         The Qingdao Langyatai Group, as a model of China Marine ecological liquor, has established that Hygiene is the foundation of the environment and the environment is the source of happiness as its focus. Its not only strict and meticulous in food safety and hygiene, but also makes the whole liquor brewing process into a mode of circular production and development. The wasted water can be used for biogas power generation after treatment, and waste distillers grains are reprocessed into organic feed, which greatly reduces the environmental pressure and contributes to food hygiene and living environment.

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